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Dragon Ball Z Chess Pieces #4 (1 Box 12 Pcs) Box Image
MHF-DBZ010 Dragon Ball Z Chess Pieces #4 (1 Box 12 Pcs) In Stock 49.00
Assembly Item Description
No Skill Level

This item is a completed and painted figure. Item includes characters from the earliest part of the Dragon Ball series: Gokuu, Bulma, Kamesennin, Yamucha (with Pouaru), Kuririn, and Chichi in color and black version; also includes two secret figures for a total of 16 figures to collect! It does not require either painting or cement to complete or use.

No Painting
Cement NOTE
No Cement Please note that these are treated as trading figures and are individually sealed and randomly packed before shipment to Japanese Toy Link. Because of this we are unable to take requests for specific figures, nor can we promise you which figure(s) you may receive on your order. Please order only if you are willing to accept any of the possible types.

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