Pre-Order/Special Order

How to place an order for Pre-Order item(s) from JTL
  • Check the item(s) first, see if it is available for pre-order. Usually JTL will indicate under the "Buy This Item" or "Item Availability" section on the page if the item is available for pre-order.
  • Once you selected the item(s) that's available for pre-order, send us an e-mail along with: a) Item Name. b) Item Code. c) Quantity. d) Your e-mail address. e) Your full Name and Shipping Address. f) Payment Methods (Please see our Payment Methods page)
  • When we received your request, we will send via e-mail to you within 48 hours for the total amount of the item(s) you placed for pre-order. Please confirm us within 48 hours after we sent you the first e-mail just to make sure the item(s) you placed for pre-order is correct.
  • After we received your confirm e-mail, a second e-mail will be send from us requesting 50% of the item total cost for deposit of your order. Payment MUST be received within 5 business days after we sent out the second e-mail to you or your order will be automatically cancel.
  • Once the item(s) became available for shipping, we will send you a confirmation e-mail along with the final balance that you needed to be pay.
  • When we receive the second payment/final balance from you, we will ship out your order to you within 48 hours by USPS Priority Mail and the date of deliver. (Please see our Shipping Information page)
  • If unfortunate we can not have enough stock for you on the item you pre-ordered from us, we will refund your deposit in FULL amount.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All payment for pre-order or special order will NOT be refundable or exchangeable for other item(s) if you cancel your order.

Special Order
If you are interested in getting something that's not shown on our web site.
You can request a special order if you are looking for some item(s) that are not listed/shown on our web site or some hard to find/rare item(s). Please do provide us with the correct name of the manufacturer, name of the item(s) and picture(s) of the items(s) that you are looking for. Please note that it takes time to search for the item(s) that you've requested and the price of the items are vary. We will send you an e-mail of the exact price and the condition of the item(s) and picture(s) if there’s any when we found the item(s) you requested and reply the e-mail we sent you to let us know whether you would like to place the order for the item(s) or not. If you decided that you want to order the item(s), we will then, send you an "Online Invoice" via e-mail of the total amount to be paid including shipping charge, the payment MUST be made in full and the order CAN NOT be canceled at any time after the payment's been made and or otherwise your payment WILL NOT be refundable.When all payment's been made and we have received the item(s), we will ship out your order within 48 hours. For more information on shipment please read our shipping information Page.

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