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Box Image Item Code Product Name Availability Price in USD
Kamen Rider Full Action Figure 
        (1 Box 10pcs) Box Image BAN-KR0068 Kamen Rider Full Action Figure (1 Box 10pcs) Sold Out $48.00
Assembly Item Description
No Skill Level
This item is a posable, pre-painted action figure designed for collectors. It does not require either painting or cement to complete or use.
No Painting
Cement Important note about the variation of this product
No Cement These items are marked as "trading kits" simliar to "trading cards." The Packages are sealed and the items are randomly packed by the manufacturer. Because of this, it is impossible for Japanese Toy Link to handle request on which specific figures and we cannot promise which figure you will receive in a box. Please place your order for this item only if you are willing to receive any one of the different types.

Kamen Rider Full Action Figure Box Image

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